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Millions of 
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Humanitarian Interventionist and Human Rights Activists

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Our Goal

Our goal is to make a great difference globally we specialize in intervening with all borders. Our mission is to help as many people that are in eminent danger to find peace find safety. Families that are in need are always welcome.


We also want to re-educate black, brown and Latino communities so that poverty is not a way of Life. We fight for our innocent children to be kept safe from human trafficking and criminal enterprises. The Monarchy Organization NFP is here to help all, to love all, to help all prosper, grow and to create programs that fit each and every family. The Monarchy team works with many organizations and activists for immigration cases and changes for the rights of all.

Our way to serve you,





DCFS Intake to Placement



Death Certificates

Marriage Licenses

Financial Advising

Our Partners


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Office: 917 W. 18th St. Chicago, IL 60608

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The Monarchy Organization has rescued and assisted countless families. Should you or someone you know need assistance please don't hesitate to contact us today.

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